utorok 19. januára 2016

UNHOLY GRAVE - Nuclear Hell 7" lathe cut - out now!

In the making since May 2014, I am finally glad to announce the Nuclear Hell 7" by Unholy Grave as ready. 8 tracks of ultimate raw grind massacre recorded live during their show in Seoul, Korea. At that time still with Hee-Chung on drums that sadly passed away a year ago making this a tribute release to him. Released in ultra limited edition of 80 hand-numbered clear lathe cut records.

Get your copy now at: http://uraniumoverdose.bigcartel.com

piatok 17. októbra 2014

SICK/TIRED / LYCANTHROPHY split 7" out now!

After 2 months of hard work I am pleased to announce the newest release on Uranium Overdose. Chicago's hardcore/grind violence band SICK/TIRED present 6 songs recorded at Developing Nations Studio by Kevin Bernsten during Maryland Deathfest 2014. So the "Deathfest Sessions" is not a live recording but a proper studio work. They are here to blow your brains by stuff heavy as hell. Lycanthrophy (Official) tracks were recorded in May 2014 and this recording features both Zdisha and Supin on vocals with Otto of Needful Things playing bass. Pure bestial fastcore holocaust as usually by this killer Czech band. Released in cooperation with Pawel of great Fat Ass Records in magenta / yellow splatter vinyl with nice artwork.

You can obtain the 7" via our Bigcartel and Discogs stores or by sending a message to sanberg@centrum.sk

Thanks for your continuous support!


pondelok 30. júna 2014

MESRINE - Bad Seed... Spoiled Blood 7" EP - out now!

The new MESRINE full 7" EP "Bad Seed... Spoiled Blood" is ready and will be officially out on the 2nd of July. I think that the most of you are familiar with these guys and you can expect nothing but pure old school grindcore holocaust. 7 new brutal songs in less than 8 minutes on 45 RPM. Released in a limited edition of 520 hand-numbered copies in electric blue / grimace purple splatter vinyl that turned out to be a great choice. A must have for all grind freaks around!

You can easily obtain the record by either buying via our Bigcartel and Discogs stores or send an email to sanberg@centrum.sk

Thanks to all for your continuous support, cheers!


streda 26. marca 2014

AGATHOCLES - Agarchy 7" reissue 2014 out now!

Reissue of the cult Agathocles - Agarchy 7" EP with completely new artwork is ready and out now! The master used for this reissue is the original recording found in Jan's vault that was remastered at the Soundshape Studios in 1993 for even heavier sound. Uranium Overdose is really proud to bring this old school grindcore gem back to life after more than 20 years.

Yellow / red splatter vinyl is limited to 100 hand-numbered copies and is available only directly from the label.

Black vinyl is limited to 200 hand-numbered copies.

Get your copy by ordering here: http://uraniumoverdose.bigcartel.com/

For Discogs fans: http://www.discogs.com/seller/sanberg101

Or just send a message directly to sanberg@centrum.sk email.

nedeľa 6. októbra 2013

piatok 27. septembra 2013

ARCHAGATHUS / NO THOUGHT - split 7" out now!

Uranium Overdose proudly announces their new Archagathus / No Thought 7" as out now!
Canadian grind punks Archagathus present two longer tracks with inhuman vocals and ultra heavy sound that were recorded in Summer 2012 with the line up from their USA and Canada tours (Dan + Violent Gorge). They are 100% previously unreleased and exclusive to this 7".
No Thought on the flipside hail from Denver, CO and play excellent old school grindcore. The four tracks featured on their side of the 7" are without a doubt their best material ever recorded. Razor-sharp sound, catchy rhythm changes and sick vocals! Fully recommended for fans of Catheter, Roskopp, Insect Warfare and the like.
This nice split 7" is released in a limited edition of 525 hand-numbered copies in deluxe white / black splatter vinyl perfectly matching the cover art.

Contact: sanberg@centrum.sk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/uraniumoverdose
Buy the record directly from us at Discogs: www.discogs.com/sell/list?release_id=4762408&ev=rb

Combined shipping makes the shipping prices very cheap worldwide. Get in touch!

pondelok 15. apríla 2013

Distro list

Available distro records, send me a message if you are interested in any of them. Price is 4€ if not stated otherwise.  Accepting Paypal and shipping worldwide!

Or visit my Discogs store at: http://www.discogs.com/seller/sanberg101

Gets Worse - s/t 10" (purple wax)
The Kill / The Communion 7"
Wormrot / I Abhor 7"
Sanitys Dawn / Magrudergrind 7" (orange wax)
Cyness / PLF 7"
Cyborg / The Afternoon Gentleman 7”
Agoraphobic Nosebleed / Crom 7" (orange wax)
Shitstorm / The Gentle Art of Chokin - 7"
Mesrine / Epitome 7"
Fistfuck / Disturbance Project 7"
Pulmonary Fibrosis / Embalming Theatre 7"
Disturbance Project / Terrorismo Musical 7"
Beton / Skeleton 7"
Stolen Lives / Rapsod 7" (grey wax)
Embalming Theatre / Fondlecorpse 7"
Embalming Theatre / Mesrine 7"
Embalming Theatre / Mesrine 7" (blue limited vinyl 6€)
Embalming Theatre / Dead 7"
Nashgul / World Downfall 7"
Sanitys Dawn / Mindflair 7" (white vinyl)
Gut / Rompeprop 7" (white vinyl 5€)
Unholy Grave / David Carradine 6" (funny size 5€)
Agathocles / Vatican City Syndrome 7"
Insomnia Isterica / Terror Firmer 7" (yellow vinyl)
Archagathus / Maximum Thrash 7"
Agathocles / Tinner 7" (clear vinyl)
Agathocles / Gerbophilia 7"
Lymphatic Phlegm / Amoebic Dysentery 7"
Lymphatic Phlegm / 2 Minuta Dreka 7"
Rabies / Chulo 7"
Spasm / Mizar 7" (purple vinyl)
Crow / See You In Hell 7"
Risposta / Reakce Na Změnu 7" (clear / green splatter vinyl)
Festa Desperato - Život Ve Hříchu 7"
Houwitser / Grind 6,4 7"
Life Possession - Trest Bez Viny 7" (brown vinyl)